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Our treatments are designed to kill Bed Bugs at all stages in the insects’ life cycle, including eggs which are unaffected by chemicals alone. That’s why we use a powerful Heat Treatment and Spray process combination.

It’s an industry proven technique to remove Bed Bugs, and is also proven to eliminate other pests such as Cockroaches, Woodworm, Moths and Fleas.

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Steve Booth
a week ago
It took a couple of goes to get rid of our bed bugs but Hugh was constantly available to answer questions and make repeat visits. The main thing for me was to feel reassured that we'd definitely get rid of them and that was absolutely the case. Hugh was friendly, polite, reliable and incredibly thorough. 100% recommend.
3 weeks ago
Professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Save your time, money and stress and choose the Bed Bug Dr. if you have a critter problem. Third time lucky for us, if only we had found him sooner.
Kassie S
5 months ago
We used the bed doctor to tackle our bed bug issue! We rented the heaters and saw results on the first day. Would absolutely recommend and wish we went to the bed bug doctor from the start. Thank you so much ☺️
Margaret Hurley
a month ago
We used The Bed Bug Doctor to help us get rid of a nasty rat issue which he did quickly and efficiently and also helped us handle very diplomatically a tricky issue with a neighbour and bird feeders.
Saygi N/A
11 months ago
We had bed bugs in our two rooms and we rented the heaters from hugh for one week, we where advised to treat all other rooms is well just in case because if you have bed bugs in one room you most probably have them in all other rooms. Hugh explained how the heaters work and where to place them for the best result. it was easy to set up and use. I would 100% recommended Hugh for anyone having bed bug problems.


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How To Kill Your Bed Bugs

Using our industry leading equipment, the infested room(s) are fully heated to 50 degrees centigrade (including all of your contents). We then use large wind generating fans to blow the heat around the room to ensure that the heat has penetrated all areas, including inside cupboards and under beds and mattresses. Once the heat process has been completed, we then spray it with a chemical treatment. After 14 days we return for a follow up visit, and complete another spray treatment.

Why We Use Both Heat and Spray Treatments

The Achilles heel of Bed Bugs is heat. Once exposed to temperatures of 50 degrees centigrade, all Bed Bugs overheat and die very rapidly.

This method is much more effective than chemicals alone, as spray treatments that are available to the general public do not have the potent active ingredients that qualified technicians are able to use.

bed bug heat and spray treatments bournemouth swindown taunton worthing bristol southampton dorset hampshire
bed bug control bournemouth swindown taunton worthing bristol southampton dorset hampshire

How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs?

The most common issue is with bite reactions. Bites can often be seen on exposed areas of skin whilst sleeping, such as the arms, face and neck. You may also see spots of blood on your bedding from the bites, or from squashing the bed bugs as you move in the night. Other than that, Bed Bugs are generally very difficult to see. That being said, we do have a few tips for finding them…

Where Do I Look For Bed Bugs?

Carefully examine areas beneath fitted sheets, along the edges of mattress piping, and if no evidence seen here, remove the mattress and continue inspecting the base. Look closely at the four corners of the bed, and any plastic corner guards, as well as the dust cover which is stapled to the bottom of your duvan. If your bed base is wooden slatted, then remove the slats and inspect inside the plastic cups.

Still no luck? Try your headboards, bedside cabinets, carpet edges and skirting boards.

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"Hugh answered all of our questions and followed up the heat treatment with a further spraying. We were left completely reassured that the problem was gone for good."


"Hugh (the Bed Bug Doctor) was great. We had tried everything and were unable to get rid of our bed bugs. Hugh was prompt and efficient. I have been bed bug free for a few months now and very happy now that they have gone."


"Had the unfortunate experience of getting an infestation from a neighbour's house recently. One call to Hugh and he came out the next day to clear both houses. Nothing was too much bother for him and he answered any queries swiftly and professionally and his aftercare is second to none. 100% recommended."


"I cannot thank Hugh enough for his support during this highly stressful time. He was easily contactable to answer the endless questions I had and extremely thorough. If I was unfortunate enough to get these horrendous creatures again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call him. Thank you!"


"Excellent fast service and as promised i was able to sleep soundly since their visit. The heat treatment process was very effective and their return visit was also very professional. Hugh you were very helpful and eased my very high stress levels from the moment i contacted you. Thanks."

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