Bed Bug Treatment Hampshire

Domestic Bed Bug Extermination and Bed Bug Heater Rental in Hampshire

The Bed Bug Doctor is well aware of the distress caused by finding bed bugs in your home. If you have recently recently discovered bed bugs in your home in Hampshire and need them removed, you will be glad to know that we have the skills and expertise to get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Our method combines both heat and chemical spray treatments, which is a sure-fire way of removing bed bugs once and for all!

The team at The Bed Bug Doctor are experienced professionals and our bed bug removal service is discreet so that nobody needs to know that you have bed bugs if you don't want them to. We always use unbranded vehicles, uniforms and equipment.

Once the bed bug treatment is complete, we give a six month guarantee and we also offer ongoing monitoring once the guarantee ends.

Why Choose The Bed Bug Doctor?

We specialise in bed bug extermination in Hampshire

We carry out heat treatment and spray treatment as standard to guarantee a bed-bug free bed

All bed bug treatments come with a 6 month guarantee

We have a tried and tested, structured clearness plan

We offer ongoing monitoring after the guarantee period for your peace of mind

All our bed bug technicians are friendly, experienced and fully qualified

commercial bed bug treatment hampshire

Commercial Bed Bug Treatment in Hampshire

Reports of bed bug bites occuring within rooms of hotels and hospitality businesses are increasing by approximately 20% each year.

This is a problem as the distress caused can lead to your customers leaving negative reviews online which will tarnish your reputation.

Bed bugs keep themselves well hidden during the day, coming out at night to find blood to feed on. They can be transported from one place to another quite easily on clothes and luggage.

When it comes to dealing with bed bugs, speed of response is crucial to minimize downtime while your rooms are treated. This is why we will often be on site to begin work on the same day you contact us.

We use unmarked uniforms, unbranded vehicles, and our equipment is packed in unmarked containers. This ensures nobody will know that you have bed bugs unless you choose to tell them yourself.

Each room is approached with a bespoke treatment plan, and we use both heat treatments and chemical spray treatments to ensure complete eradication of the bed bugs.

Call us today on 07967 612239 or send us a message for immediate assistance with bed bugs in Hampshire.

Saygi N/A
4 months ago
We had bed bugs in our two rooms and we rented the heaters from hugh for one week, we where advised to treat all other rooms is well just in case because if you have bed bugs in one room you most probably have them in all other rooms. Hugh explained how the heaters work and where to place them for the best result. it was easy to set up and use. I would 100% recommended Hugh for anyone having bed bug problems.
Pam Kang
a year ago
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