how to avoid bed bug infestation when travelling

How To Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs When Travelling

Bed bugs aren’t just a problem within your home; they can be carried around and spread without even realising it. However, if you know the signs you can prevent the spread of bed bugs when travelling. Bed bugs require dark, ...

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how to inspect second hand furniture for bed bugs

How To Inspect Second Hand Furniture for Bed Bugs

Nothing quite beats the thrill of finding bargain-priced furniture at the charity shop. However, before getting too comfortable on that second-hand sofa, have you checked for signs of bed bugs before bringing it home? There are indications of bed beg ...

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how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment

How To Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

One of the most effective techniques to remove bed bugs is heat treatment. High temperatures of 56C and above can eliminate all bed bugs of any age and their eggs so it’s highly effective. This method also works quicker than ...

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how to deal with bed bugs yourself diy methods

How To Remove Bed Bugs Using DIY Methods

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to remove. Many DIY methods fail to remove these small, somewhat intelligent, quick to reproduce critters, and professional intervention is the answer. If you’ve spotted the signs of bed bug infestation, or want to remove ...

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