How Long Do Bed Bugs Live?

We all know how distressing bed bugs are and how complicated it is to remove them.

Yet, it’s vital to understand why bed bugs are so hard to remove.

Some people may try to starve bed bugs by not sleeping in the room for an extended period.

You may think bed bugs will die if they have nobody to feed on. However, this tactic is doomed to fail. Let’s find out why.

Bed bugs are different lifespans, lasting between six and twelve months. Sometimes they live longer, but their lifespan may be shorter due to varying conditions in the properties they dwell within.

What Affects How Long Bed Bugs Survive?

As humans, our life expectancy is affected by various factors, such as diet, exercise, lifestyle and genetics. A bed bugs life expectancy is also influenced in similar ways. For example:

1. Room Temperature

High temperatures are known to kill bed bugs. For this reason, heat treatments – carried out by experts – are an effective solution to target every hard-to-reach area quickly.

A bed bug’s metabolism changes with room temperature. Higher temperatures increase their metabolism, whereas colder conditions slow it down. Therefore, bed bugs will accelerate through the lifecycle faster in warmer temperatures.

2. Food Supply

As bed bugs feed on human blood, some people believe bed bugs would die if nobody sleeps in an infested room. However, it’s more complex than that. Depending on the room temperature and the stage in their lifecycle, bed bugs can live up to a year without human blood.

3. Hazards and Risks

Bed bugs risk being squashed when humans roll over in bed at night. They’re also affected by household cleaning products and repellents, which reduce their lifespans.

Additionally, other predatory bugs may consume them, causing their population to decline and shorten their lifespan.

Knowing how bed bugs survive gives you an insight into why starvation is ineffective at killing these critters. Therefore, the quickest and more cost-effective approach is to call in the experts to eradicate their presence. As bed bugs can’t survive in hot temperatures, a professional heat treatment is one of the best solutions. Heat treatments target every corner of the room, leaving bed bugs nowhere to hide.

If you’re dealing with bed bugs, or think you have them in your home, call The Bed Bug Doctor for advice and other practical solutions to remove bed bugs quickly and safely.