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Professional Bed Bug Heaters For Rent

Bed Bug Heater Rental in Bournemouth, Southampton, Taunton, Worthing, Bristol, Swindon, Dorset, Hampshire.


In recent years bed bugs have become more and more widespread with environments that were previously free from infestation such as hotel rooms, rail carriages and airplane cabins now suffering from this surge.

These are species that can withstand fasting for many months. In the daytime they hide in mattresses, baseboards and at night they come out of hiding places and feed on the blood of people or animals.

So clearly if you have bed bugs, it’s safe to say you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible! And that’s where we come in…

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DIY bed bug heat treatment heater rental bournemouth southampton taunton worthing bristol swindon dorset hampshire

DIY Bed Bug Treatment

Although we can happily get rid of your bed bugs for you, you might prefer to do this yourself. That’s why we offer specialist bed bug removal equipment for rent.

To ensure that you kill all of the bed bugs in your property, we will supply you with 3 specialist heaters, 1 air circulation fan, and a laser temperature gun – everything you need!

And the best part? We will deliver and pick-up the equipment when you’re finished, always in an unmarked vehicle so that no-one knows about your bed bug problem.

Bed Bug Pest Control using chemicals is dangerous and poisons the environment

Chemicals are the traditional way of getting rid of bugs and insects. There are several poisons on the market used for bug killing but the drawback being that they are not good for the environment or the people using them.

In fact, in living spaces or in businesses that produce and market foodstuffs, pesticides cannot be used due to high toxicity levels and the poison being in the air for long periods of time.

Products available on the market are not strong enough to get rid of all the bugs, eggs and larvae, even with repeated treatments which are extremely costly.

Furthermore, chemicals are powerful poisons for other living things, including humans and pets. They therefore require skilled individuals with the qualifications for use and storage.

bed bug heater rental
bed bug treatment bournemouth southampton taunton worthing bristol swindon dorset hampshire

Bed Bug Treatment using heat is completely safe and environmentally friendly

In this ever increasing drive to use environmentally friendly methods it is important to highlight the ecological potential of extermination by the use of heat. The optimal temperature for rapid development of insects range from 27-33°C, depending on the species. It is also known that the insects, in every stage of development, including eggs, die within minutes if a temperature in the environment of around 50-60°C is reached.

Between 40-50°C total mortality occurs in one day as insects die from dehydration. It is therefore evident that if the room temperature is raised above 50°C, insects, larvae and eggs can be totally killed.

It is essential that this temperature is achieved in every nook and cranny and as fast as possible. Killing the bugs via heat requires heaters that distribute a large flow of hot air to carry out a total eradication (eggs, larvae and insects) within a few hours.

During the treatment therefore, regular inspections using a laser temperature gun (supplied) is required at critical points (eg under mattresses or on the floor).

Equipment Rental Questions

We will deliver the equipment and leave it with you for 5 days, for just £500.

5 days is plenty of time to ensure that your property is bed-bug free by the time we pick it up.

We offer free delivery within 25 miles of Bournemouth and Poole. If you live outside of this area, we simply charge the cost for our time and fuel to deliver the equipment to you.

Absolutely! On dropping off the equipment, our friendly team will show you exactly how to set up and use the equipment, so you have no need to worry.

Typical Bed Bug bites go unnoticed until and hour or two later. And even then it will probably appear as a small red bump, often quite itchy. Bed Bug bites are not dangerous but they can be very annoying. If you get bit frequently you may start to develop a rash or skin irritation so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible.

If our FAQs have made you suspect you have Bed Bugs, then do not bring anything new into the contaminated room, such as clothing, bedding, furniture or toys, as they may also become contaminated.

Also, although it might be tempting, don’t start sleeping in a different bed or on the sofa as the Bed Bugs may end up following you to the new location and contaminating that area.

You should not throw anything out, or attempt to get rid of the Bed Bugs yourself. Get in touch with us ASAP so that we can deal with the problem quickly, discreetly and effectively.

Ensure that you don’t bag anything unless it has been washed in hot water and dried on hot for one to two hours. Bagging up clothing or bedding with Bed Bugs that has not been properly washed and dried means when you re-open the bag the area will become contaminated again.

It is best to assume everything in that room is infested with Bed Bugs and speak to us for advice.

We treat and get rid of Bed Bug infestations in: Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Isle of Wight, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex.

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