What Are The Early Signs of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are most people’s worst nightmare.

However, spotting the signs takes effort, and the earlier you catch an infestation, the quicker and easier you can eradicate it.

The first step is knowing what signs to look out for. Here’s an introductory guide to help you begin searching and taking the first step to a bed-bug-free home.

1. Blood Stains On Your Mattress

These aren’t typical blood stains you would generally spot just by glancing at the bed sheets. Look specifically at the edges of your mattress and your bed sheets. These blood stains are more brown or black than red.

Bed bugs are messy eaters and leave tiny spatters of their meals as they move around.

2. Bite Marks on Your Body

Although many different bugs could be responsible for any bite marks, you find in the morning. However, a bed bug bite is similar to mosquito bites. They are painless but itchy and can swell the surrounding skin in some people. And if you find them in clusters on exposed skin areas, it’s a good indication of bed bugs.

3) Strange Odours

Bed bugs let off smells to alert other Bed Bugs of threats in their environment, known as alarm pheromones. The scent is strong but sweet.

4) Exoskeletons and Eggs

It sounds disgusting, but it’s a fact that bed bugs shed their skin as they move through each lifecycle. They can be found on furniture as well your mattress or bed sheets.

Eggs have a milky white appearance and are found in the same places as Exoskeletons and blood stains.

5) Other Household Members Noticing Similar Signs

If other members of your household experience similar symptoms, such as bite marks, then it’s a clear indication of bed bugs.

Therefore, contact a bed bug professional immediately before the situation worsens.

Now that you know the signs, you are in an empowering position to prevent and eradicate bed bugs.